• 18 GHz (with MX0023A) and 12 GHz (with 1169B)

Input impedance and capacitance

  • Differential input R: 50 kΩ
  • Differential input C: 0.33 pF
  • Single-ended input R: 25 kΩ
  • Single-ended input C: 0.53 pF

For probing signals with a considerable amount of test points in tight space such as DDR memory system, the N5425B ZIF probe head with the ZIF tip may be the best solution for you.

ZIF (zero-insertion-force) probe heads and tips can reduce probe costs significantly when many measurement points are needed. The ZIF probe head requires ZIF tips that can be soldered down to various places on a circuit board. The ZIF probe head can then be shuttled between these tips to make measurements.

It has a flat frequency response all the way to 18 GHz when used in conjunction with the MX0023A InfiniiMax 25 GHz RC probe amp and is the most economical solder-in probe solution on the market today.

The probe head does not include any ZIF probe tips. Either the N5426A ZIF tips or N5451A long-wired ZIF tips should be ordered with these probe tips.

InfiniiMax Differential ZIF Probe Head

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