• 75 GHz to 110GHz, and up to 1.5 THz with optional taper accessories
  • Controlled by VNA firmware via USB
  • Includes built-in calibration verification feature
  • Source power calibration of banded mmWave VNAs
  • Measures the output power of banded mmWave signal sources

N1913PM5B is a Virginia Diodes, Inc./Erickson PM5B calorimetric mm-wave power meter, with a W-Band sensor for power measurement over a frequency range of 75-110 GHz. Additional waveguide tapers are available to enable measurement of power up to 1.5 THz. This product can be used for the source power calibration of mmWave banded network analyzer configurations, and also be used to measure the power of banded mm-wave signal sources with E8257DVxx VDI or E8257DSxx OML frequency extension modules.

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VDI Erickson PM5B MM–Wave Power Meter

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