Power to Test Commercial String Inverters 

The PV simulators are autoranging, programmable DC power sources that simulate the output characteristics of a photovoltaic array under different environmental conditions (temperature, irradiance, age, cell technology, etc.) enabling you to quickly and comprehensively test inverter MPPT algorithms and inverter efficiency. The DG8900 SAS control software creates and downloads solar I-V curves to a single output solution. For multiple outputs choose the DG8900 SAS control software which can be used with up to 12 N8900APV sources.   

  • Parallel supplies for up to 150 kW of power
  • Test multiple input inverter 
  • Create Sandia, EN50530, and proprietary curves 
  • View I-V curves, maximum power point
  • Static and dynamic EN50530 MPPT test
  • Automate EN50530 tests with formating reports
  • LAN (LXI Core), USB, GPIB, and analog interfaces
  • Use existing power distribution with 208 and 400 VAC input

High Performance Power, Safety, and Analysis

The EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution brings together three instruments for testing power converters: the RP7900 Series Regenertive Power System, The SD1000A Safety Disconnect, and the PA2203A IntegraVision Power Analyzer.

  • RP7900: Reduce costs for cooling and electricity with an eco-friendly, regenerative design
  • SD1000A: Handle faults and ensure output is secured (i.e. disconnected) with redundant safety disconnect system (500 V and 950 Vmodels only)
  • PA2203A: Visualize transients, in-rush currents & state changes with a high-speed digitizer on 12.1" touchscreen

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