E8257D PSG analog signal generators deliver industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase noise, with frequency from 100 kHz to 67 GHz (extendable to 500 GHz) for testing advanced RF & microwave radar, communications, and control systems.

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E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator

The Keysight E8257D is a fully-synthesized signal generator with high output power, low phase noise, and modulation capability. Specifications apply over a 0 to 55 °C range, unless otherwise stated, and apply after a 45 minute warm-up time. Supplemental characteristics, denoted as typical, nominal, or measured, provide additional (non-warranted) information at 25 °C, which may be useful in the application of the product.

  • Take on your toughest test requirements with metrology-grade frequency and level accuracy, excellent distortion, and spurious characteristics
  • Measure across a wide frequency range: 13, 20, 31.8, 40, 50, and 67 GHz models available (1.1 THz with frequency extender)
  • Test high-power devices and overcome test system losses with options capable of generating up to 1 W (+30 dBm) of output power
  • Get extremely low phase noise: –91 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and –126 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset (10 GHz), to address Doppler radar, ADC and receiver-blocking tests
  • Characterize devices and circuits by adding AM, FM, PM and pulse modulation to your signal

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