The PathWave BenchVue lab manager software configures instruments as a lab admin PC. It also features asset management as a lab asset management software.


  • The BenchVue test lab manager software ( Lab Manager App) is the main software application installed on the lab administrator PC, which is designed for centralized control for the lecturer and/or test lab manager.
  • The administrator PC connects the instruments from all the test benches in the same network. The Lab Manager App can support up to a maximum of one hundred benches, with a maximum of six instruments per bench.
  • The Lab Manager App may optionally communicate with Client Apps installed on multiple test bench PCs.
  • The Lab Manager App supports over five hundred Keysight test instruments as well as non-Keysight test instruments that are compliant with VISA connection protocol.
  • The Lab Manager App includes home dashboard graphic overview, lab configuration, lab administration, and asset tracking features.

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