Test equipment software to configure a wide range of instrument controls and measurements for the PC. Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge with PathWave BenchVue software apps. Intuitively control instruments, automate tests and perform in-depth analysis.

Develop Anywhere with BenchVue One

Develop anywhere with BenchVue One. This cloud-based, multi-instrument data correlation, aggregation, and visualization software platform simplifies simulation for design and testing — all in a single window. Connect your instrument measurement data to the cloud, automatically correlate data between test instruments and test teams, and collaborate easily across the room and around the world, eliminating human errors along the way.

PathWave BenchVue Complete Control Collection

Contains a collection of the most popular BenchVue instrument control apps for easy control, automation and analysis.

  • Includes all available instrument control and automation apps for a simplified workflow across multiple instrument families
  • Dedicated apps for twelve Keysight instrument families, supporting several hundred instruments
  • Easily log and export data and images in a few clicks for faster analysis
  • Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge

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PathWave BenchVue Basic Apps Are Now Free

Starting from PathWave BenchVue Platform version 2022.1, the BenchVue Included license activation process has been removed and BenchVue Basic Installers are made available. You can now download PathWave BenchVue Basic and control your instruments for free! PathWave BenchVue Basic apps provide you with unlimited access and features available one version before the latest version of BenchVue software.

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