The Keysight 346CK01 is the ideal companion to Keysight´s noise figure solutions when working on high-frequency applications. Since it is broadband (1 GHz to 50 GHz), it eliminates the necessity for several sources at different frequency bands. The low SWR of the noise source reduces a major source of measurement uncertainty, which are reflections of the test signals. This is a coaxial noise source with a 2.4 mm coaxial connector. ENR typically 20 dB at 1 GHz, decreasing to typically 7 dB at 50 GHz.

  • Frequency range: 1 GHz to 50 GHz
  • Connectors: BNC (f) input bias / 2.4 mm (m)


Principais especificações

Frequência máxima
50 GHz
Frequência máxima
50 GHz
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ENR Range:
7 to 20 dB
ENR Automatic Download:
Excess Noise Ratio (ENR):
21 dB
Frequency Range:
1 to 50 GHz
Frequência máxima:
50 GHz
Frequência de início CAT/VNA:
1 GHz
Minimum Frequency Range:
1 GHz
Temperature Compensation:
Noise Source
Works with:
NFA, ESA-E Series, PNA-X, PSA-Series, X-Series (PXA, MXA, EXA, CXA)

Standard Configurations

Noise Figure Analyzers and Noise Sources

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