Elevate Your Testing with Cutting-Edge Model-Based Testing Tools

Traditional application testing tools often fall short when providing the scalability and automation required by developers. Common challenges include:

  • Selenium testing is time-consuming due to script writing demands.
  • UI test automation tools necessitate constant updates to page object models or scripts.
  • Equivalence class partitioning relies on unreliable data, limiting its effectiveness.

Automate Software Testing Effortlessly

Keysight Eggplant Test software offers a revolutionary approach to software testing. By creating a digital twin model of an application, users can perform comprehensive testing of complex systems, workflows, and user journeys across various platforms.

Eggplant's model-based testing solution predicts application behavior under diverse conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable releases.

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What Are The Benefits of Model-Based Testing?

Ensure best-in-class performance and user experience with a model-based approach to testing. With Eggplant Test software, you can:

  • Reduce maintenance costs with scriptless testing
  • Streamline development with low-code, UI-driven testing tools
  • Produce actionable insights with exploratory testing powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Achieve full test coverage on any UI layer with any device, platform, or operating system

Transform Your Testing Experience with Eggplant

Elevate your testing capabilities, achieve unparalleled test coverage, and confidently release robust applications. Experience the future of software testing with Eggplant Test software.

Optimize your testing strategy today with model-based software testing, automated software testing, and digital twin software testing. 

Keysight University: Automated Software Testing 101

Find out how you can get started with model-based testing from Eggplant. Bring your team to the next level with industry best practices and optimization techniques in this modular, video-based training series.

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