Fully Characterize Transceivers Before Tapeout

Go beyond traditional RF simulation to design, analyze, and verify radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Achieve confidence with steady-state and nonlinear solvers for design and verification. Wireless standard libraries accelerate the validation of complex RFICs.

  • Model components on silicon chips accurately.
  • Optimize designs with sweeps and load-pull analysis.
  • Simulate RF designs in the Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys Custom Compiler environments.
  • Increase performance using Monte Carlo and yield analysis.
  • Assess error vector magnitude (EVM) for the latest communication standards early in the design phase.
  • Use the latest foundry technology immediately.
RFPro Circuit Composite with Call Outs

Optimize ICs from RF to mmWave

Monitoring system IC specifications such as EVM via RF simulation early in the RFIC design phase is a must. Simulations include effects of layout parasitics, complex modulated signals, and digital control circuitry. With Keysight RFPro Circuit, you can simulate in both the frequency and time domain and bring your designs to and from Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys Custom Compiler.

RFPro Circuit provides advanced multi-physics simulation support for today’s RFIC designers working in Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys Custom Compiler.

RF Circuit Simulation Professional (RFPro Circuit)

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