Real characteristics – achieved only with an impedance analyzer

Only Keysight impedance analyzers provide unparalleled accuracy for component evaluation from mmohm to Mohm, from 5 Hz to 3 GHz. Leverage Keysight's impedance measurement expertise to your lab and achieve real characteristics of high quality components.

  • The E4990A Impedance Analyzer (20 Hz to 120 MHz frequency range) provides industry-best basic accuracy of 0.045% (typical) over a wide impedance range, with a 40-V built-in DC bias source.
  • The E4991B Impedance Analyzer (1 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range) provides basic accuracy of 0.65% over a wide impedance range, with a 40-V built-in DC bias source (Option 001). Material measurement options enable temperature characteristics analysis from -55 °C to 150°C (Option 007) and direct read function of permittivity and permeability (Option 002).
  • The E5061B ENA series network analyzer with option 3L5/005 supports a wide frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz, with basic accuracy of 2% (typical), 40-V built-in DC bias source, network analysis, impedance analysis, and gain/phase analysis capabilities.

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Keysight Technologies offers a variety of accessories and test fixture to use with our LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers, Capacitance Meters and Network Analyzer. Each accessory is designed to ensure highly accurate measurements without degrading the performance of the measurement instrument.

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