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35181H Testmobile Printer/Plotter Stand

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 Conveniently mount a printer or plotter on top of a system or instrument testmobile

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 3511H testmobile printer/plotter stand allows for a printer or plotter to be mounted onto the top of a system or instrument cart.


- Provides a 533 mm (21 in) wide and 381 mm (15 in) deep space to hold up to an 11.34 kg (25 lbs) printer or plotter

- Can be mounted at a height of either 305 mm (12 in) or 381 mm (15 in) for optimum height requirements

- Attractive quartz gray color

- All mounting hardware included


-Material: Cold-rolled steel

-Weight: 8.16 kg (18 lbs)

-Color: Quartz gray

-Length: 533 mm (21 in)

-Height: Either 305 mm (12 in) or 381 mm (15 in)

-Width: 381 mm (15 in)

-Support weight: 11.34 kg (25 lbs)


Rotate and install the side panels for your optimum height requirements. Secure the top to the sides with the provided hardware.

Tools required for installation:

- Torx T15 screwdriver

 What you get in the box

-Printer/plotter tray

-Vertical side supports

-Torx T15 screwdriver

-Installation instructions

 What changed

Replaces: 35181A

- Color changed from parchment white to quartz gray


The 35181H can be used with the 1181B Keysight testmobile system cart


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