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BSA Series Spectrum Analyzers


Outperform expectations in your essential applications


We designed BSA series spectrum analyzers for general purpose spectrum analysis and low-cost manufacturing applications, helping you to achieve higher productivity on a smaller budget – whether you are tuning an RF circuit of an IoT module, hunting for noise for a system, fighting for higher throughput, or teaching students in a classroom


These easy-to-afford BSA spectrum analyzers put together just-enough performance, and superior reliability, assist you address common RF-microwave test and measurement challenges easier and faster  


Efficiency and Flexibility at their Best


In the quest of getting more done for less, we also equip the BSA series spectrum analyzers with an array of optional capabilities, that either enhance the performance of the analyzers or add more test capabilities for the analyzers, such as EMI emission test, stimulus/response test, and IoT signal demodulation analysis


Build a worry-free test bench with value priced N9321/22/23/24C BSA


The Keysight BSA series spectrum analyzers (N9321C, N9322C, N9323C, N9324C) covers up to 20 GHz frequency range, assisting budget-constrained operations to protect profitability and increase productivity through its breadth of measurement capabilities, competitive performance, and optimized usability. This includes –162 dBm/Hz typical DANL, minimum 2 ms non-zero span sweep speed, and a 7 GHz tracking generator that includes a built in VSWR bridge. The BSA’s capabilities make it well suited for general purpose RF design and verification, ISM band wireless connectivity measurement, component verification test, and military radio maintenance.


On-line Repair 


Mobile devices have increasingly higher performance expectations, meaning they are getting more and more complicated. Yet statistics dictate that a few mobile devices won’t be able to pass all the test items on the production line in one-time effort. Quickly and cost-effectively repairing devices necessitates a spectrum analyzer that provides the functionality you need at a price in-line with repair goals. The BSA spectrum analyzers are easy to use and have features that simplify the identification and resolution of issues.




Every year a new crop of students rely on you to teach them the basic principles of radio transceiver and frequency domain analysis theories. You realize the most effective way for them to learn is with hands-on lab work. The constraint is often the number of available analyzers. Your solution is the N9321C BSA spectrum analyzer. It has classic architecture built inside, robust, and easy-to-use by teachers and students. It offers the basic functions students need to learn, at a price that allows you to get more spectrum analyzers than you thought possible.


Value-added capabilities enable higher test efficiency for you


Besides their primary use in measuring frequency, power, harmonics, and spurious of RF/microwave components, we also equipped BSA with extended capabilities to address your evolving needs.


Key Specifications of BSA Spectrum Analyzers


Refer to the table for a summary of key specifications of the BSA spectrum analyzers:







Frequency range

9 kHz – 4 GHz

9 kHz – 7 GHz

1 MHz – 13.6 GHz

1 MHz – 20 GHz

Resolution bandwidth

10 Hz – 3 MHz

EMI bandwidth

CISPR-16 compliant bandwidth: 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz (Opt. EMC required)

Detector types

Normal, positive peak, sample, negative peak, average (video, RMS, voltage) Quasi-peak (opt. EMC required)

DANL at 1 GHz 

  Preamp off 

  Preamp on


-131 dBm

-149 dBm


-131 dBm

-149 dBm


-127 dBm

-140 dBm


-127 dBm

-140 dBm

Amplitude accuracy

± 0.6 dB

± 0.6 dB

± 0.7 dB

± 0.7 dB


+15 dBm 

+15 dBm

+11 dBm

+11 dBm

Phase noise

-90 dBc/Hz

-90 dBc/Hz

-92 dBc/Hz

-92 dBc/Hz

Tracking generator

Frequency range: 5 MHz – 7 GHz

Output power range: -20 to 0 dBm

Operating temperature

+5 to +45 °C

Power consumption

≤ 25 W

Dimension (H×W×L)

132.5 mm (5.2 inch) × 320 mm (12.6 inch) × 400 mm (15.7 inch)

Weight (net)

7.9 kg (17.4 lbs.) nominal




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