Silicon Photonics Test Solutions for Wafer Manufacturers

With the increasing interest in 800G pluggable transceivers and Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) technology, wafer manufacturers are expanding into Silicon Photonics chip manufacturing by utilizing their CMOS process technologies.

However, running Silicon Photonics production test brings new technical challenges, such as sensitive optical measurement integration and complex optical probe alignment over traditional electrical measurements and probing.

In addition, they must also fulfill general requirements for a wafer production test system, such as fully-automated test capabilities, high measurement repeatability, and high system availability.

Keysight provides one-stop Silicon Photonics test solutions focusing on these technical challenges and will contribute to the business success in Silicon Photonics wafer manufacturing now and in the future.

Semiconductor Test Equipment for Manufacturers

Semiconductor manufacturers need to continuously keep up with the latest lithography trends and high-speed measurement techniques. As an innovator in semiconductor test and measurement solutions, we know you need the latest advancements in high-speed, high-accuracy probe, and optical scanning inspection. Keysight semiconductor test solutions help you to reduce your cost of test, to increase profit margins and gain advantages in new markets.

Semiconductor Test Solutions and System from Keysight

Semiconductor Design Testing in Emulation

The later testing occurs in the design process, the more expensive mistakes can cost. Testing ASIC/ SoC functionality before tape-out can save millions in development costs and precious time to market by avoiding chip re-spins.

IxVerify is the industry's first network test solution purpose-built for pre-silicon validation of Router, Switch, Automotive, and SmartNIC ASIC/SoC designs in emulation. It provides hundreds of pre-defined packet templates and strong automation for testing high-volume Ethernet designs with powerful analytics tools for bandwidth, latency, and protocol analysis.

Test reuse between the fully-virtual pre-silicon environment and the post-silicon testing environment that uses hardware or virtual traffic generators help you speed up time to market and reduce costs.

Parametric Test Solutions

Semiconductor testing and manufacturing process technologies reduce your cost-of-test and help overcome test challenges in R&D and production. Gain precise low-level measurement performance with Keysight's series of Parametric Testers.

The 4080 Series offers a wide range of measurement capabilities required for fundamental parametric test.

Semiconductor Test Solutions and System from Keysight

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