What Matters in a Real-Time Oscilloscope

Developing next-generation technology requires world-class signal integrity from your test equipment. Keysight's Infiniium oscilloscopes enable you to conquer your most difficult measurement challenges with superior hardware technology that offers the lowest noise floor, highest effective number of bits (ENOB), and highest bandwidth. Combine this with a wide range of application-specific software and see why other industry leaders trust Infiniium when they need to see their true signals.

Infiniium 4-channel real-time oscilloscope

Industry-Leading Signal Integrity

Why does oscilloscope signal integrity matter?

Signal integrity impacts all oscilloscope measurements. Oscilloscopes with superior signal integrity attributes provide a better representation of your signals under test. With better signal integrity, you gain more accurate insights when debugging or characterizing your designs and extra margin when performing compliance tests.

Infiniium oscilloscopes are built on hardware that gives you the lowest noise floor, highest ENOB, highest bandwidth, and lowest jitter — all so you can see your true signals. In addition to this superior hardware, Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide range of protocol, analysis, and compliance software for standards such as PCIe, USB, DDR, and more — giving you an entire high-performance measurement platform for your testing needs.

Compliance and Automated Testing

Compliance applications that run on all Infiniium series oscilloscopes are certified to test to the exact specifications of each technology standard. If a test passes in your lab, you can be confident it will pass in test labs and at plug-fests worldwide. Keysight experts sit on technology boards and industry standards committees, helping define compliance requirements implemented in our test suites.

As a result, you can be sure that all Infiniium series oscilloscope tools deliver to critical specifications. Setup wizards combined with intelligent test filtering give you confidence that you’re running the right tests. Built-in HTML reports with visual documentation and pass / fail results guarantee retention of critical test results.

Engineers performing analysis in a lab environment
A high-speed digital device

Testing Challenges for Next Generation Technologies

Infiniium series oscilloscopes are used extensively in the compliance testing of various standards from PCI to USB to DDR and more. Learn more about the challenges associated with testing these latest standards.

The Broadest Set of Oscilloscope Software Available

All Infiniium series oscilloscopes feature application-specific software that allows you to gain valuable insight into your design. Whether you are solving tough jitter or noise problems, removing loss due to cables or probes, or simply looking at protocol, this series has the software tools to help you realize your best design.

  • Analysis applications: jitter/noise analysis, phase noise analysis, de-embedding, equalization, serial data analysis, offline software, and more
  • Compliance applications: test to the exact specifications of technologies such as PCIe, DDR, USB, 10GBase-KR, SATA/SAS, MIPI, Thunderbolt, and more
  • Protocol applications: decode the protocol packets of more than 20 high-speed serial buses
Infiniium oscilloscopes software
An oscilloscope probe connected to a device under test.

Which Oscilloscope Probe Do You Need?

Keysight offers a broad range of voltage, current, and optical probing solutions for InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes.

Check out this guide to see which probe is right for your testing needs.

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