Powerful Instrument Measurement Software

Get quick insights and reduce the test time of your devices with instrument measurement software or test instrument software specifically designed for spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, and many more test instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions: Instrument Measurement Software

What is instrument measurement software?

Instrument measurement software or test instrument software is designed to help you improve your test workflow to reduce the learning curve of using a test instrument or several different test instruments, automate your test sequences, capture, visualize, and quickly get insights into your measurements.

What is design verification testing?

Design verification testing is a very important process during the product development stage of the product lifecycle. It is important because the design team does extensive testing and analysis to determine if product design outputs meet the design input specifications. A lot of test, simulation, and analysis occurs during this stage.

What is design validation testing?

Design validation testing is another very important process where a product is extensively tested and analyzed to determine if it meets or does not meet the intended outcomes like product specifications, user-specific needs, safety standards, and regulatory requirements.

Digital Instrument Measurement Software

Create, test, and validate your designs faster with the industry’s largest selection of compliance, debugging, and application-specific oscilloscope software.

Customize your bit error ratio tester (BERT) with additional functions and features from an easy-to-use GUI to ensure you get the most out of your test instrument.

Combine both analyzer and exerciser functionality into one easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for PCIe 5.0® traffic analysis.

Get quick insights into your digital system while reducing setup time and customizing measurement displays with logic analyzer software.

Debug voltage and current spikes,
I / O glitches, and time shifts in pre-silicon using edge-to-cloud computing application software with powerful machine learning.

Visualize and analyze your measurements with powerful analytic software. Capture and store test data in multiple formats with real-time access to results.

Improve workflow by generating and editing custom waveforms for pulse / function / arbitrary waveform generators without having to spend hours programming.

Configure and visualize data from large multi-channel acquisition systems with hundreds of channels in a single console for immediate viewing.

Cutting-edge digital software that enables engineering educators to modernize labs and classrooms to transform their students to industry-ready engineers.

Streamline the full testing workflow 

RF Test Instrument Software

Investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs with a network analyzer in a variety of measurement applications for faster insights.

Configure FieldFox analyzers as cable and antenna analyzers, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, power meters, and more with software/firmware.

Gain greater insight into frequency and time domains. Compatible with signal analyzers and network analyzers for a broad range of signals including 5G, IoT, and radar.

Analyze the performance of your wireless, aerospace / defense, and general-purpose devices with more than 25 proven, ready-to-use measurements for fast signal analysis.

Generate general-purpose or standards-based signals in wireless, aerospace/defense, and general-purpose applications to ensure your designs meet the latest standards.

Achieve efficient high-volume testing for wireless and aerospace/defense applications using Keysight or non-Keysight equipment.

Perform automated spectrum monitoring, signal intercept, collection, geolocation, and classification of targeted RF emitters.

Validate complex 5G and wideband designs at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies with confidence by calibrating channels directly at your DUT.

Accelerate testing of your IoT devices with purpose-built, flexible test automation software to quickly and easily configure and reconfigure your test system.

Evaluate and analyze signal source and phase noise applications with signal source analyzer software to perform phase noise, AM noise, and baseband noise measurements.

Perform fast one-button measurements for analog / digital radio test. It offers signal analysis and signal generation control from one graphical user interface screen.

Automate testing of time-consuming, complex, or repetitive measurement and analysis tasks specific to cellular and wireless connectivity applications.

Get quick graphic confirmation of your wireless test configuration with outstanding visual analysis tools to troubleshoot in cross-platform environments.

Simplify the testing of wireless devices with a single signal-generation analyzer application that supports formats like Wireless HD, WiGig, and IEEE 802.11ad.

Enhance your signal analyzer or signal generator with custom measurements, data visualization, waveform creation, instrument control, and test system design.

Power Test Instrument Software

Perform device characterization from device measurement setup and execution, to data management and analysis, with a semiautomatic wafer prober.

Operate, visualize measured values, record test sequences, and generate reports for trusted insights from your Scienlab Charging Discovery System.

Perform post-measurement analysis tasks like waveform analytics, math functions, FFT, CCDF, power/current profiler, and trend analyzer without the instrument to accelerate R&D.

Evaluate up to 4-input inverters and test up to 12 MPPT algorithms simultaneously. Independent I-V curves drive each channel with up to 2000 V.

Evaluate up to 8-input inverters and test up to 12 MPPT algorithms simultaneously. Independent I-V curves drive each channel with up to 2000 V.

Evaluate up to 12-input inverters and test up to 12 MPPT algorithms simultaneously. Independent I-V curves drive each channel with up to 2000 V.

Capture and display the charge consumption profile of your device transitions through various operating states to estimate the battery life of your device.

In-Circuit Test Software

Enable additional test coverage for your ICT system to minimize undesired effects between measurement circuitry and your device under test.

Drive manufacturing improvements with an Industry 4.0 data analytics solution to improve yield, lower retest and handling, and reduce the cost of poor quality.

Perform device characterization with current drain analysis for easy evaluation of portable battery-powered devices to ensure long operating life.

Quantum Instrument Control Software

Improve run-time performance of error-prone quantum hardware across all platforms and applications with error suppression and error-aware compilation.

Communicate, measure, and organize your laboratory setup with a complete, easy-to-use solution for instrument control and lab automation.

Optical Test Instrument Software

Generate dual I/Q signals with flexible signal parameters to speed up your long-haul, metro, and data-center interconnect coherent optical transmission test.

Analyze complex modulated optical signals, either as a standalone software installation, or in combination with a Keysight oscilloscope.

Perform fast and efficient integrated silicon-photonics wafer and chip-level tests for industries including data center, wireless, and automotive.

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