Keysight's PXIe System Synchronization Module (SSM) provide multi-module/multi-chassis synchronization and triggering for Keysight’s modular systems, as well as other Keysight instruments. They meets the STM specifications documented in the PXI Express Hardware Specification.

The Keysight M9032A is a single width 3U PXIe module and the Keysight M9033A is a double width 3U PXIe module that are compatible with Keysight’s PXIe chassis. These modules include a Virtex Ultrascale Plus FPGA to support enhanced features in the future versions of the software.

Keysight's modules use the newly defined System Sync standard to distribute reference clock, low-latency LVDS triggers, and high bandwidth/speed information through Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) links across multiple instruments.

These modules can also support time synchronization to common time standards delivered through various options. These options enable these modules to synchronize measurement systems to actual Time of Day marks, allowing for precisely time-stamped measurement data from spatially dispersed equipment to be correlated.

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