Rapidly Test Satellite Power Systems Under All Conditions Faced In Space


  • Supports fast I-V curve changes and quick recovery switching time to enable accurate simulation of photovoltaic (PV) segments operating under various conditions in space.
  • Adapts quickly to changing test requirements with its unique modular design that supports up to six 1 kW modules and offers a variety of solar array simulator (SAS) performance levels.
  • Expands the power curve to adapt to changing requirements with autoranging capability.
  • Reduces thermal challenges with modules that offer two-quadrant and regenerative power capabilities.
  • Displays all six outputs in a single view with an intuitive touch screen.
  • Minimizes CapEx with industry-leading power density: Offering up to 6 kW of power in a 2U rack space.

Dense, Modular, and Fast

Launching a spacecraft or satellite is incredibly expensive, with no possibility of recovery or repair. A solar-powered spacecraft or satellite must have efficient and reliable power management systems. These systems must handle a wide range of output power characteristics from multiple PV arrays operating in a hostile space environment.

The output power of solar cells varies with numerous environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, irradiation) and operational conditions (e.g., eclipse, spin). The Keysight MP4300A Series solar array simulator enables you to test all these conditions with high accuracy. It delivers fast current-voltage (I-V) curve changes with a quick recovery time, emulating rapidly changing conditions.

Accurately emulating conditions in space will allow you to accelerate innovative solar array designs by rapidly validating any design modifications.

The MP4300A Series offers two classes of 1 kW solar array simulator modules — the highest performance Keysight MP4361A 160 V / 10 A auto-ranging module — and the Keysight MP4362A 130 V / 8 A fixed range module. The modular architecture enables you to quickly adapt to test requirement changes.

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs

Up to 6

Total Power

6 kW

Ripple and Noise

50 mVrms


0.05% +25 mV

Modern Connectivity

USB, LAN, and optional GPIB

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