N7650B waveform license 5 or 50-pack is a cost-effective solution for generating Signal Studio waveforms at a fraction of the full software price.


Generate Signal Studio waveforms for a fraction of the cost

N7650B provides a cost-effective solution to configure Keysight Signal Studio waveforms for your applications. With waveform licensing you can create, generate, and permanently license over 500 Signal Studio waveforms for playback on the M9381A, M9383A, M9421A, M9410A, M9411A , M9415A and M9416A.

Waveform licensing is available in a 5-pack (Options 221-229, each with five waveform slots) and 50-pack (Options 250-259, each with 50 waveform slots).

  • Choose 5 or 50 Signal Studio waveforms, of any type, to be permanently licensed to a specific instrument
  • Maximum of 545 waveforms per instrument

Typical application

Waveform licensing 5-pack is recommended for manufacturing and cost-sensitive projects that require single or multiple format waveforms. This license provides playback of Signal Studio waveforms without purchasing Signal Studio software packages. For creating new waveforms, it is recommended that at least one station be equipped with a full Signal Studio package.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.