Signal Generation Products View Description
N7620A Signal Studio for Pulse Building N7620A Signal Studio for Pulse Building Generate complex, wideband pulses and pulse patterns simply. Capable of generating signals up to 44 GHz in frequency with up to 1 GHz bandwidth using the E8267D PSG and/or the N7502 Signal Simulation System.
E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator Produce pulse-modulated signals with superior output power, level accuracy and phase noise performance up to 67 GHz.  Available with option E8257D-UNU Pulse Modulation.
E8663D Analog Signal Generator E8663B Analog Signal Generator Image Utilize the industries leading close-to-the-Carrier phase noise performance.  Compatible with the Keysight E5505A Phase Noise Test System.
8267D Vector Signal Generator Keysight's E8267D PSG vector signal generator is the industry's only integrated microwave vector signal generator with I/Q modulation up to 44 GHz, +23 dBm typical output power up to 20 GHz and -120 dBc/Hz phase noise at a 10 kHz offset for a 10 GHz signal.
M8190A 12GSa/sec Arbitrary Waveform Generator Industry leading performance for wideband applications with SFDR up to 80dBc, 14-bit resolution up to 8 GSa/s and 12-bit resolution up to 12 GSa/s.
Pulse Pattern Generators Pulse Pattern Generator Image Generate baseband video pulses with control over pulse pattern, timing, and rise and fall times.
Power, Spectrum, and Time Analysis Products View Description
N9030A PXA Series Signal Analyzer 3 Hz – 50 GHz Analyze spectrum, power, modulation and time characteristics with bandwidths up to 160 MHz. Supports the 89600 Vector Signal Analysis software and MATLAB connectivity.
89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software Apply vector signal analysis virtually anywhere in your block diagram, including analog and digital baseband; IF, RF and microwave; narrowband to ultra-wideband; SISO and MIMO to analyze over 75 different standards and modulation formats.
P-Series Power Meter   Quickly and accurately characterize the peak power, average power, duty cycle and power statistics of radar signals.
Z2090B-170 Pulse Analyzer System Z2090B Image Provides high resolution/high throughput Frequency and Time Interval Analysis measurements for RADAR systems. Supports the 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software. 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software.
Infiniium DSO90000-X Series High-Performance Oscilloscopes Infiniium DSO 9000A Series High -Performance Oscilloscopes Image Directly analyze frequency, time, and digital modulation of RF signals up to 32 GHz. Supports OSA Oscilloscope Signal Analysis software for wideband pulsed and modulation domain analysis.
Oscilloscope Signal Analysis (OSA) Software Powerful tool for pulsed and modulation domain signal analysis of Radar and EW waveforms, as well as any time varying signal.
16800/16900 DVSA 16800 and 16900 DVSA Image Perform digital vector signal analysis on digital baseband, IF and RF signals with logic analyzer and Keysight 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software.
53230A Counter The Keysight 53230A universal frequency counter/timer provides frequency and time interval measurement capabilities. It also provides continuous/gap-free measurements for basic modulation domain analysis. Optional capabilities include a 6 or 15 GHz microwave channel and burst measurement software.
Noise Figure Products  Noise & Noise Figure Analysis View Description
PNA-X Source-Corrected Noise Figure Measurement (Option 029) PNA-X Source corrected Noise Figure Measurement Image Measure noise figure utilizing Keysight's highly accurate source corrected technique.
N897xA Noise Figure Analyzer N897xA Image Make fast, accurate and repeatable noise figure measurements with dedicated noise figure solution.
N9069A Noise Figure Measurement Application PSA Series Option 219 Noise Figure Measurement Convenient noise figure measurement solution works on X-Series signal analyzers.
Phase Noise Products  Phase Noise Measurements View Description
Keysight E5505A Phase Noise Test System E5505A Image Examine absolute and residual phase noise, AM noise, low-level spurious signals and more, in one- and two-port devices. Supports pulsed and CW phase noise measurements
E5052B Signal Source Analyzer E5052B Image Characterize the performance - phase noise, transients and more - in high-frequency signal sources up to 110 GHz.
N9068A Phase Noise Measurement Application Convenient phase noise measurement solution works on X-Series signal analyzers.
High speed digital test measurements View Description
Infiniium DSO90000-X Series High-Performance Oscilloscopes   Directly analyze frequency, time, and digital modulation of RF signals up to 32 GHz.
U4154A AXIe Logic Analyzers    Perform state analysis at up to 4Gb/s (synchronous sampling) and timing analysis up to 200 ps.
Radar Component Measurements View  Description
PNA-X Microwave Vector Network Analyzers    Characterize the linear and nonlinear behavior of active devices up to 67 GHz with the built-in second source and frequency combiner. Available with Option H08 Pulsed-RF Measurement capability.
PNA Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzers   Meet the challenges of component testing with an excellent combination of speed and precision from 300 kHz to 1.05 THz.
Antenna Test View Description
N5264A Measurement Receiver for Antenna Test   Provides up to 400,000 points per second data acquisition on five receiver channels and 8510/8530A code emulation for drop-in replacement.
Design View Description
Advanced Design System (ADS) Software Quickly generate complex, high-frequency system and circuit designs for Radar/EW systems. Our connected solution lets you combine simulations with actual measurements.
SystemVue Electronic System Level Software System-level design environment for development, simulation and analysis. Available libraries include W1905 Radar and W1716 Digital Predistortion.