E4991B Impedance Analyzer Firmware Software Revision History

Firmware for Windows 7 and  for Windows 10

Revision A.02.02 and later can be installed onto the E4991B with Windows 7 and with Windows 10.

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.04 … Released March 2020

  • Enhance USBTMC communication between E4991B with Windows 10 and Host PC

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.02 … Released March 2019

  • Support the E4991B with Windows 7 and with Windows 10 
  • Support Flex-ATX CPU 
  • Support NLT Touch panel 
  • Support CCL 5.1 LXI 
  • Update WinDriver 
  • Update EULA  
  • Rebranded USB manufacture ID 
  • Added a command to select Keysight Technologies or Agilent Technologies while reading manufacturer name in the product information via IDN? 
  • Deleted “Network Mode” softkey 
  • Added Y axis zooming with multi touch


Firmware for Windows 7

Revision A.01.00 to A.01.16 can be installed onto the E4991B with Windows 7 only.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.16 … Released March 2017

  •   Fixed the bug that diag test Z Open failed.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.15 … Released November 2016

  • Issue Resoveld:  The serial number and description columns in the instrument web page show incorrect information.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.13 … Released September 2016

  • Fixed the bug related to the measurement when selecting 16198A from fixture selection softkey.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.11 … Released November 2015

  • Fixed minor bugs

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.03 … Released November 2014

  • Fixed the bug that the power on test failed. 

Firmware Revision  A.01.00

Initial release (Demo Unit Only)