Precision Measurements On A Flexible, Modular Platform

The DCA-X wide-bandwidth sampling oscilloscopes are in our digital communication analyzer (DCA) family. These are modular platforms that provide accurate and precise measurements of high-speed digital designs from 50 Mb/s to 224 Gb/s. You can configure the DCA-X mainframes by selecting from a variety of plug-in modules that perform precision optical, electrical, and time domain reflection / transmission (TDR / TDT) measurements. Select specific modules to obtain the desired bandwidth, filtering, and sensitivity that match your measurement needs.

  • achieve high bandwidths to >110 GHz with jitter as low as 50 fs and noise as low as 275 µV
  • customize with plug-in modules for optical, electrical, and TDR / TDT / S-parameter analysis
  • reach sample rates up to 250 kSa/s, and up to 16 channels provide high test throughput
  • protect your investment – the new N1000A DCA-X supports today’s modules plus many older optical, electrical, and TDR modules
DCA-X Sampling Oscilloscopes

Powerful Analysis Means Deeper Insights

The consistency and flexibility of the DCA-X series ensure high accuracy in any measurement:

  • platform consists of a mainframe and a wide variety of modules for flexible testing
  • consistent FlexDCA interface increases productivity in R&D and manufacturing
  • optical modules available for in-depth analysis of transceiver design and manufacturing
  • comprehensive solutions ready for all digital wireline communication tests

FlexDCA Software on the DCA-X

Keysight’s DCA-X sampling oscilloscopes use the same N1010A FlexDCA software for the entire family. The software controls measurement hardware both as a local user interface and for remote control. In addition to acquiring data and making measurements, FlexDCA also encompasses powerful tools that boost productivity and provide insights into root causes of issues with the signal or device under test.

FlexDCA continues to evolve for applications such as:

  • research and design verification of electrical transmitters (ASICs, FPGAs, PHYs)
  • research, development, and manufacturing of optical transmitters / transceivers
  • analysis of reflections and transmission characteristics of electrical components and channels
  • general-purpose analysis of analog and digital signals
FlexDCA Software for Oscilloscopes

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Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

You can use time domain reflectometry for more than 40 characterization, modeling, and emulation applications. If your applications involve signals with rise times shorter than one nanosecond, transmission line properties of the interconnects are critical. TDR is a versatile tool to provide a window into the performance of your interconnects to quickly and routinely answer the three important questions:

  1. Does my interconnect meet specifications?
  2. Will it work in my application?
  3. Where do I look to improve its performance?

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