Mobile network deployments are growing rapidly with new 5G features. Simultaneously, network equipment manufacturers including O-RAN manufacturers and device vendors are constantly developing and releasing new features. The majority of new user devices are already 5G capable and new introductions happen every week. When developing 5G networks, it is essential to ensure that they operate seamlessly with the existing 4G networks.

Why is base station fading performance testing needed?

  • The industry is facing plenty of challenges in network interoperability and gaps in performance due to improper networks and device optimization
  • Proper testing is needed to accelerate 5G base station/RAN performance and interoperability verification as well as 5G radio access network parameter optimization

Who needs base station fading performance testing?

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
  • Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) including O-RAN radio unit manufacturers and related ecosystems

Base station fading performance test solutions are comprehensive toolsets for real-time base station compatibility and performance testing. They provide powerful analysis and debugging tools with pre-commercial or commercial phones.

5G Radio Access and Core Network Test portfolio with Keysight OPEN RAN Architect (Kora) Solutions

The base station fading performance toolsets are a part of Keysight’s end-to-end O-RAN architect wireless network testing portfolio. Keysight’s O-RAN Architect offers integrated solutions that accelerate the development, integration, and deployment of O-RAN compliant equipment.

Types of 5G Networks and Radios

5G networks are built based on traditional RAN architecture and new O-RAN architecture deployments. These networks consist of femtocells, picocells, microcells, and macrocells. Each of these can be a MIMO radio, a massive MIMO radio, a massive MIMO digital beamforming radio, or a mmWave hybrid beamforming radio.

 Base Station Fading Performance Testing

Network configurations can be Non-Stand-Alone (NSA) or Stand Alone (SA). In 5G network equipment testing and verification, interfaces, performance, and configurations vary. To optimize all these, different types of testing tools are required.

5G network equipment testing and verification diagram

Base Station Fading Performance Toolsets

Keysight’s base station fading performance test toolsets offer integrated turn-key testing solutions for 5G base station/ORAN testing, verification, and optimization. The toolsets for MultiRAT, Massive MIMO, and mmWave testing are solutions for validating 5G base stations under a wide range of radio channel and user device conditions. They offer fully controlled test solution scenarios enabling quick and systematic performance validation. Moreover, they enable users to efficiently analyze and optimize the performance of 5G new radio (NR) base station deployed in non-standalone (NSA) or standalone (SA) networks and under various mobility fading scenarios.

The base station fading performance test toolsets are a part of Keysight's comprehensive portfolio of 5G NR design and test solutions that span the entire workflow from simulation, development, and design verification, to conformance and acceptance testing, and finally manufacturing and deployment.

Keysight's analysis and debugging tools linked with your base station fading performance toolset ensure that even your most advanced testing need is covered.

By enabling network equipment manufacturers and mobile network operators to benchmark different network base station implementation quickly and efficiently, the Base Station Fading Performance Test Toolsets accelerate the validation of base stations, supporting new design development from prototypes to fully functioning 5G network equipment.

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