The W4519E is an analysis tool in PathWave System Design for architects working with digital pre-distortion (DPD). It offers compact waveforms, built-in optimized DPD analysis, a workflow with the PNA-X DPD verification capability, the new Dynamic Gain model which provides unprecedented fidelity with memory effects.


The W4519E PathWave DPD Designer in PathWave System Design includes:

  • Keysight compact waveforms delivers up to x10 faster simulation speed compared with test models
  • Built-in DPD Optimization to help converge on design goals
  • Connected workflow between simulation and PNA-X for model extraction
  • Dynamic Gain Amplifier Model capturing broadband memory effects for Doherty PAs
  • Elegant and efficient system design centric user interface for architects

Digital Pre-Distortion is evolving to meet the challenge of increased carrier frequencies, component carrier bandwidth and modulation complexity. System engineers are designing the entire DPD system and they need flexibility in PathWave System Design to optimize their DPD algorithms; and depending on the use case, the PA characteristics and the system constraints. Keysight has provided PathWave DPD Designer, with an elegant new user interface and new analysis capabilities, unlocking 4 new benefits:

  • Keysight’s compact waveforms are used to reduce simulation speed by up to a factor of 10 compared with test models, while still delivering the correct waveform characteristics.
  • Built-in optimized DPD analysis reduces experimentation and aids design efficiency.
  • An efficient workflow between simulation with PathWave System Design, ADS and the PNA-X DPD verification capability.
  • The new Dynamic Gain model provides unprecedented fidelity for simulating Doherty power amplifiers with memory effects.

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