• 34-channel
• Soft Touch Pro
• Single-ended
• Quad x 160-pin direct connect

The U4206A is a direct-connect probe/cable with a standard soft touch pro connector at one end that routes to four 160-pin connectors that plug into the front panel connectors of a U4164A logic analyzer module. The U4206A is designed to be used with either the quad state mode or ¼ channel 10 GHz timing mode of the U4164A logic analyzer module. For use in quad state mode only, the U4206A includes two flying leads to connect additional clock qualifier signals into the clock inputs on Pods 3 and 7. Please refer to the U4164A installation guide for specific details on the operation of the U4164A quad sample state or ¼ channel 10 GHz timing modes of operation.

Single-ended, Direct Connect Probe

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