Affordable 2-port or 4-port Banded Vector Network Analyzer

S97560B enables you to configure an affordable millimeter-wave, 2-port, or 4-port banded vector network analyzer (VNA) using the P50xxA Streamline USB VNAs and N5252AW or N5262BW Frequency Extenders.

  • Select greater or equal to 20 GHz models for E-band or higher bands or greater or equal to 14 GHz models for V-band
  • Make 2-port or 4-port S-parameter measurements in the millimeter-wave frequency band
  • Supports N5252AW Frequency Extenders for V, E, W, and D bands
  • Supports N5262BW Frequency Extenders with the N5252A PXI Test Set up to WR3.4 band (330 GHz)
  • Supports USB VNA standalone use up to 53 GHz

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