• DC to 110 GHz of dynamically configurable frequency ranges
  • High-definition 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • 256 GSa/s real-time or 3,200 MSa/s complex sample rates
  • Industry best -158 dBm/Hz DANL from 50 GHz to 85 GHz
  • Optional >2 GHz hardware accelerated DDC I/Q demodulation bandwidth
  • Dynamically configurable 5 GHz and 10 GHz bandwidth extension options
  • Easy MIMO support with independently configurable phase coherent channels
  • Largest phase noise offset frequency range from 1 kHz to 100% carrier frequency

The Infiniium UXR is the first real-time oscilloscope to provide flexible bandwidth options, hardware accelerated acquisition and the signal integrity necessary to enable affordable wideband multi-channel mmWave signal analysis. Available mmWave Wideband Analysis Acceleration and Frequency Extension options, coupled with 1 mm input UXR-Series models, enable users to dynamically allocate 5 GHz or 10 GHz wide bandwidth windows for analysis of frequency ranges up to 110 GHz, regardless of the oscilloscopes maximum licensed native bandwidth. Additionally, all Infiniium UXR models come standard with 40 MHz of hardware accelerated real-time Digital Down Conversion1 (DDC) – with the option to expand to 160 MHz and >2 GHz of analysis bandwidth. With Infiniium UXR, you get world-leading digital and mmWave performance in a single instrument with up to four phase coherent channels – enabling you to more quickly deliver next generation mmWave technologies, pulsed radar, integrated mixed signal designs, spread spectrum clocking (SSC), and advanced wideband research & development.

The UXR’s mmWave Wideband Analysis Acceleration and Frequency Extensions up to 110 GHz delivers:

  • A pricing model that matches typical RF equipment, where the price matches the analysis bandwidth needed, as opposed to paying for the entire frequency of the oscilloscope
  • 5 or 10 GHz of analysis bandwidth windows from DC to 110 GHz, with the ability to set independent center frequencies across multiple channels
  • 40 MHz standard DDC and 160 MHz and >2GHz DDC analysis bandwidth options
  • Error vector magnitudes EVM below 0.6% for 100 MHz CC 5G NR tests and <1% for 2.16 GHz 802.11ay

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