• 50 ohm through fixture for probe calibration, deskew and performance verification
  • Good signal integrity up to 40 GHz
  • 2.92 mm male input and 3.5 mm male output
  • Recommended for use with InfiniiMax III, III+ probe amps and heads

The MX0104A performance verification and deskew fixture is a 50 ohm through fixture, enabling you to calibrate and deskew your InfiniiMax III/III+ Series probe amplifiers or to verify the performance of the probe using a VNA. The fixture has good signal integrity up to 40 GHz. The MX0104A is a replacement of the N5443A. Use the E2655C for <13 GHz of bandwidth.

The MX0104A comes with the 50 ohm through fixture only. You have an option to choose the option 001 plastic stand or the option N2787A 3D probe positioner which will help you properly position the probe amplifier.

Performance Verification and Deskew Fixture for InfiniiMax Probes

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