The Keysight M9341B equipped with digital and analog interfaces provides communication signals between the PXI vector network analyzer (VNA), device under test (DUT), and external peripherals such as a handler in an automated test system.


  • Controls DUT operation mode with serial / parallel signals using an 8-bit digital I/O. 
  • Communicates to the PXI vector network analyzer (VNA) using 24-bit digital I/O external peripherals. 
  • Synchronizes DC measurements with the PXI VNA using two DC source outputs — up to ±10 V with current monitor functions. 

The Keysight M9341B PXIe digital and analog I/O comes equipped with a 24-bit digital I/O connector and an 8-bit digital interface to enable you to control the device under test (DUT) directly with serial or parallel digital signals. 

Apply the M9341B PXIe digital and analog I/O signals to select operation modes from the RF front end module to integrate power amplifiers, switches, low noise amplifiers, duplexers, or filters in a single component. 

Get a comprehensive analysis with the M9341B PXIe digital and analog I/O using the four analog input connectors to enable sensing of DC voltages from the device under test (DUT). The measured DC voltage displays on the PXI VNA screen and the 1-slot module also supports two variable DC source outputs to control the DUT to monitor the DC source current while taking measurements.

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