The Keysight M9341B equipped with digital and analog interfaces provides communication signals between the PXI vector network analyzer (VNA), device under test (DUT), and external peripherals such as a handler in an automated test system.


  • 8-bit digital I/O for controlling DUT operation mode with serial/parallel signals
  • 24-bit digital I/O for communication for the PXI VNA with external peripherals (i.e. handler)
  • Synchronized DC measurements with the PXI VNA. Two DC source outputs (up to ±10 V) with current monitor functions and four DC source inputs for sensing DC voltages from the DUT.

The Keysight M9341B PXIe Digital and Analog I/O is equipped with a 24-bit digital I/O connector and an 8-bit digital interface to allow users to control the device under test (DUT) directly with serial or parallel digital signals. For example, the signals from the M9341B can be applied to select operation modes of the RF front-end module which integrates power amplifiers, switches, low noise amplifiers, duplexer or filters in a single component. The operation with the M9341B is synchronized with the measurement sweep by the Keysight PXI VNA such as the M937xA or M9485A, greatly improving measurement throughput.

For more comprehensive analysis, the M9341B has four analog input connectors to allow sensing of DC voltages from the DUT. The measured DC voltage can be displayed on the PXI VNA screen. The 1-slot module also supports two variable DC source outputs to control the DUT, while the DC source current can be monitored during measurements.

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