• Frequency range of 10 MHz – 50 GHz / 10 MHz – 53 GHz (Option 053)
  • LAN connectivity a with wide dynamic range of -70 to +20 dBm (frequency 10 MHz – 50 GHz) / -70 to 0 dBm (frequency > 50 GHz to 53 GHz) for small signal measurements
  • Fast real-time measurement of 50,000 readings/sec
  • Variable Sampling Rate 1M samples/sec and Long Memory 1M samples data storage
  • Real-time measurement with zero dead time to ensure every single continuous pulse is measured
  • Average mode time-selectivity function allows full dynamic range for average and time selectivity average power measurements
  • Internal zero and automatic calibration saves time and reduces measurement uncertainty
  • A BenchVue software license (BV0007B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences
L2055XA Wide Dynamic Range Average Power Sensor

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