Reliably Accurate Measurements Every Time

The Keysight 3458A has a 30-year industrial-benchmark legacy for remarkable DC accuracy and stability. The redesigned 3458A multimeter also has standard lab 8.5-digit precision with leading-edge DCV linearity accuracy, lowest internal noise, and it is RoHS compliant.

  • Measure with confidence with up to 8 ppm 1-year direct current voltage (DCV) accuracy (4 ppm with option)
  • Maximize productivity with fast measurement speeds up to 100,000 readings/s
  • Prolonged data logging with up to 148,000 reading memory (now comes as standard)
  • Self-adjusting and self-verifying auto-calibration capability
  • Code compatible with previous version; RoHS compliant

High Speed and High Accuracy for Your Most Demanding Applications

With seven-function measurement flexibility and a convenient front panel, the 3458A enables:

  • faster test system startup, faster test throughput, and longer system up-time
  • usage as a calibration lab standard through its extraordinary linearity, low internal noise, and very high stability
  • high-resolution digitizing with 16- to 24-bit resolution, up to 12 MHz bandwidth path, high sampling rate, and very low < 100 ps jitter performance
Keysight 3458A 8.5 digit multimeter

Key Specifications

Digits of Resolution

8.5 digits

Basic 1-Yr DCV Accuracy


Max Reading Speed

100,000 readings/s

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Standard Configurations

3458A Digital Multimeter, 8.5 Digit

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