The Keysight 10706B High Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer is a dual pass interferometer used for multiple axis applications such as X-Y stages where the measurement mirror may move perpendicular to the measurement axis. This thermally stable optic, an exact functional replacement for the 10706A Plane Mirror Interferometer, reduces thermal measurement drift to 1/12 the value typically achieved by conventional plane mirror interferometers. The unique contribution of the 10706B is its tolerance of angular misalignment of the plane mirror reflector. The 10706A can accept a range of measurement mirror angular alignment changes.

The 10706B includes one 10723A High Stability Adapter (which consists of a high reflector and a quarter wave plate) for the reference, one retroreflector for manipulating the beam path, and one quarter wave plate. For X-Y stage applications, the user must provide the mirror(s). For single-axis applications, the 10724A Plane Mirror Reflector may be used.

The 10706B can be used to bend the beam by interchanging the reference 10723A High Stability Adapter and the quarter wave plate and adding new mounting and adjusting hardware for the 10723A (hardware included with the 10706B). The 10706B cannot be used as the moving component.

The 10706B cannot be used in differential operation.

The 10706B is an exact functional equivalent of the 10706A, but with better thermal stability.

  • Application: Plane mirror
  • Distinguishing Feature: High stability
  • # of Axis: 1
  • Maximum Beam Size: 6 mm
  • Beam Separation: 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
  • Weight: 323 g (11.4 oz)
  • Fundamental Optical Resolution: λ/4 (158.2 nm, 6.2 µin)
  • System Resolution: λ/128 (5 nm, 0.2 µin) based on using 32x electronic resolution extension
  • System Resolution: λ/1024 (0.62 nm, 0.024 µin) based on using 256x electronic resolution extension
  • Reflector: 10724A or user supplied
  • Mount Used: 10711A
  • Referenced: No
  • Turned Configuration: Yes, by interchanging parts

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10706B High Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer

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