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Optics and Laser Heads for Laser-Interferometer Positioning Systems

Keysight Laser interferometer position measurement systems provide very precise position or distance information for dimensional measurements or motion control. We offers a variety of industry-leading solutions in laser interferometer products that are ideal for:

  • Laser-based Dynamic Calibration Systems
  • Mechanical parts inspection and measurement
  • Mechanical vibration analysis
  • Semiconductor fabrication, inspection and repair

When built into manufacturing and inspection equipment, a laser interferometer system reports the position or controls the motion of a product platform with more accuracy than any other method. It allows manufacturers to produce precision products from integrated circuits to medical devices to aerospace components that meet the most stringent specifications.

Additionally, precision laser position measurement systems allow users to improve product quality and reliability, increase manufacturing consistency and production yields. The result is lowered cost, high-quality output and reduced scrap and rework.

Standard systems include:

  • Dynamic Calibrators for machine-tool validation
  • Laser-based transducers

Keysight's laser interferometry products are available as standard systems or are fully configurable to meet individual application requirements. The wide variety of optics and laser heads from Keysight gives you maximum design flexibility to achieve your performance goals. The modular laser, optics and electronics give customers the flexibility they need in a precision laser measurement system.

Keysight Transducer Systems - Leading the Future for Extreme Accuracy Positioning Applications

For more information about laser interferometers and laser calibration systems, please visit Laser Interferometers & Calibration Systems.

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