Wireless Test Software Bundles

Tight design margins and timelines, complex modulation, and ever-changing standards increase the complexity of wideband wireless tests. We make it easier for you to solve these challenges with application-specific hardware and software bundles for EMI compliance applications. These bundles support the latest signal standards and modulation types and take the guesswork out of test requirements.

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Wireless Test Application Bundles

Accelerate EMI compliance testing

Avoid any delays in getting a product to market by testing early for electromagnetic interference (EMI). Our EMI receivers, standards-compliant diagnostic signal analyzers built on an upgradeable platform, provide the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability you need to test with confidence.

Category MXE PXE
Hardware N9038B N9048B
Software N90EMTDSB N9048TDSB
  N9048WT1B; N9048WT2B

Accelerate Your Wireless Innovations

N9068C Phase noise measurement application

Find out how our PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications can help you:

  • Get essential ready-to-use measurements and intuitive views that simplify troubleshooting and other complex operations
  • Use more than 25 measurement applications that range from parametric to standards-compliant wireless measurements
  • Share the same measurement science and expertise across multiple hardware platforms — from benchtop to modular instruments covering high-performance and benchmark — to economy and low-cost general purpose

Simplify your wireless signal creation with PathWave Signal Generation

  • Create performance-optimized reference signals for characterization and verification of your devices.
  • Enhance component testing with virtually distortion-free test signals.
  • Evaluate receiver tolerance by creating calibrated additive signal impairments.
  • Accelerate the process with a user interface featuring tree-style navigation and graphical signal configuration.
  • Stay at the forefront in wireless as we continue our first-to-market track record of support for new and evolving standards.
N9068C Phase noise measurement application

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