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D9110SCNA/D9120SCNA InfiniiScan Event Identification Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes



InfiniiScan Event Identification Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes


Keysight’s InfiniiScan software allows you to use an oscilloscope to identify signal integrity issues that hardware triggering is unable to find in your electronic designs. This innovative software scans through thousands of acquired waveforms per second to help you isolate signal anomalies, saving you precious troubleshooting time.

Product Overview

Today’s digital signals are increasingly complex. Designers of serial links and parallel buses want to quickly identify signal anomalies in their designs. Engineers have traditionally relied on hardware triggering and deep memory to capture such elusive events. However, these classic methods fall short in some key areas.

InfiniiScan uses software to overcome the limitations of hardware triggering. InfiniiScan inspects individual waveforms and lets you know where the anomalies are. InfiniiScan moves an oscilloscope a few steps closer to the ideal of a “Find Problem” button. InfiniiScan can also isolate events as narrow as 35 ps – well beyond the limitations of hardware-based approaches.

D9010SCNA is compatible with MXR-Series, EXR-Series, S-Series, and 9000-Series Infiniium oscilloscopes. D9020SCNA is for the 90000, V-Series, Z-Series, and UXR-Series Infiniium oscilloscopes.

Keysight InfiniiScan consists of two key components: InfiniiScan software finders and measurement limit testing. An added benefit is the ability to add InfiniiScan as an extra trigger stage, allowing up to threestage triggering on most Infiniium models.

Software Finders

InfiniiScan offers five special software finder modes, letting you easily identify issues without complex hardware triggers. Each one is explained below.

Measurement finder

The InfiniiScan Measurement mode is a two-stage trigger that uses a hardware trigger, and then lets you qualify that trigger when a measured value falls inside or outside a particular range of values. It lets you set up triggers that are not available in the oscilloscope's hardware. For example, you could use this mode to create a "duty cycle < 30%, > 70%" trigger.

Zone qualified finder

InfiniiScan’s zone qualification allows you to trigger on anything you see appear on the screen. Add up to eight rectangles; each one is assigned to an analog channel, given a “must intersect” or “must not intersect” mode, with user-definable Boolean logic of AND or OR. This gives you the utmost control over triggering on specific bit patterns or waveform shapes.

Generic serial finder

You can have the oscilloscope capture a waveform when a specified pattern of 1s and 0s is found. The generic serial mode uses a user-defined clock recovery to determine where a 1 or 0 is located. If you are working with a serial protocol that is supported with trigger and decode by Infiniium, using that trigger method will be preferable to this generic serial finder with InfiniiScan.

Runt finder

InfiniScan’s runt finder allows you to identify under-sized signal pulses to resolutions that are beyond the capability of hardware approaches by using hysteresis and threshold levels you specify. Infiniium oscilloscopes have a hardware-based runt trigger that will find events more readily but have more limitations than this software-based approach.

Non-monotonic edge finder

The non-monotonic edge finder is a unique capability of InfiniiScan. It allows you to identify nonmonotonic edges caused by signal reflections. This feature is helpful for identifying poor signal terminations. There is no method for finding such an event with hardware triggering.


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