The W7023E PathWave IC-CAP BSIMSOI Model Extraction Package provides measurement and extraction procedures for BSIMSOI industry-standard model for Silicon-On-Substrate (SOI) MOSFET devices.


The W7023E PathWave IC-CAP BSIMSOI Model Extraction Package includes:

  • DC, CV, and RF extraction for BSIMSOI v4.6.1, including  high-frequency effects
  • Robust, direct extraction procedures find the best initial values for optimizers, thereby removing the need for excessive optimization and tuning steps
  • Flexible, customizable extraction flow
  • Windows-style data visualization, optimization and tuning
  • Shared user interface environment with other extraction CMOS extraction products
  • Target and Corner Modeling
  • Binning model support

BSIMSOI, an industry-standard model based on the BSIM3 model for bulk devices. It shares the same basic equations with BSIM3 so that the physical nature and smoothness of BSIM3v3 are retained. BSIM-SOI was selected by Si2 Compact Model Coalition (CMC) as the standard SOI MOSFET model in December 2001.


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