Compare Schematics and Layouts for Comprehensive Diff Checking

Keep schematics and layouts in sync with Keysight Visual Design Diff (VDD). Schematic engineers, layout engineers, and designers integrate VDD with a design platform to identify changes, visualize differences, and communicate process or design notes to each other. VDD also allows collaborators to modify the layout to match the latest schematic changes and generates automatic reports to streamline preparation for engineering change order (ECO) meetings.

With Keysight's VDD software, your team can:

  • Save time by quickly detecting the differences between two versions of a schematic or layout
  • Eliminate versioning issues for schematics and layouts when collaborating with multiple designers and engineers
  • Generate instant reports to accurately share progress and updates in ECO meetings

Identify Differences at a Glance

VDD provides a single space to view all schematic and layout differences. Select specific project versions to see a visual analysis of objects added, removed, or modified, or identify each change in a list view. The simplified interface allows engineers, designers, and reviewers to examine changes and details within the entire design hierarchy without compromising user experience.

Automatic Reporting with Hierarchical Diff Checks

Keysight VDD allows engineers and designers to quickly review changes before a project check-in by automatically generating an accurate, real-time report. Designers can highlight the differences directly in the design editor. Analog designers can use VDD to identify and review modifications while simultaneously debugging design regressions and ECO flows. Designers may run VDD in batch mode and check for differences hierarchically by flagging all designs below the selected view. Every change is outlined, including cosmetic changes, and reports are generated as a text or CSV file for streamlined collaboration and sharing.

Screenshot of Keysight Visual Design Diff (VDD) software displaying the engineering change order (ECO) support features
Screenshot of Keysight Visual Design Diff (VDD) software integrated with Cadence Virtuoso Studio

Cadence Virtuoso Studio Integration

VDD integrates with Cadence Virtuoso Studio to detect changes to nets, instances, layers, labels, and even properties. Schematic and layout engineers can visually highlight the differences between two versions of the same cell view or between any two cell views of the same type, allowing for easy collaboration. VDD also provides instant reports of detected differences to help engineers provide a comprehensive review in ECO meetings.

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