Tailor Your Oscilloscope to Your Needs

Keysight offers the industry’s largest selection of compliance, debugging, and application-specific oscilloscope software. The software works seamlessly with your oscilloscope and provides the insight you need to quickly and easily innovate your best designs. Create, test, and validate your designs faster with automated software testing, and stay up to date on the latest standards with over 50 compliance test software packages. Start today and buy the software online or download a 30-day free trial.

  • Use Keysight PathWave BenchVue oscilloscope software for remote control, data logging, and automated testing
  • Leverage protocol decoding and triggering software for the automotive and aerospace and defense industries, embedded analysis, RF, and more
  • Tap into measurement analysis software for power integrity, signal integrity, jitter, vertical noise analysis, and more
  • Supports more than 50 compliance test software packages for performance validation and characterization, including USB, DDR, MIPI, PCIe, HDMI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, I²C/SPI, Ethernet, MIL-STD, ARINC 429, NFC, SATA, SAS, XAUI, Thunderbolt, and more

Infiniium Measurement and Analysis Software

Extend the measurement capabilities of your UXR-Series, MXR-Series, or EXR-Series oscilloscope with Infiniium analysis software

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Advanced Signal Integrity Analysis

D9110ASIA/D9120ASIA equalization, InfiniiSim, and crosstalk packages enable deep signal integrity analysis for high-speed digital applications

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Jitter, Vertical, and Phase Noise Analysis

D9120JITA/D9110JITA software offers advanced statistical analysis of digital interfaces in the voltage and time domains

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InfiniiScan Event Identification

D9110SCNA/D9120SCNA InfiniiScan software enables you to use an oscilloscope to identify signal integrity issues that hardware triggering is unable to find

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Pulse Amplitude Modulation Analysis

D9110PAMA/D9120PAMA software gives you the capability to analyze today’s high-speed pulse-amplitude-modulated (PAM-N) data signals

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D9110DMBA software characterizes cables, probes, fixtures, and S-parameters to remove their impact from results for more accurate measurements

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Power Integrity Analysis

D9110POWA enables users to clean up their power supplies by analyzing the effect of alternating or digital signals and DC supplies on each other.

Infiniium Automated Compliance Test Software

High-speed digital transceivers require validation to ensure compliance with the latest standards. Pair your Infiniium oscilloscope with Keysight's test automation software to speed up debugging and validation.

PathWave BenchVue Oscilloscopes Software

Intuitively control your oscilloscopes, capture screen images, and log data measurements for more efficient analysis.

  • Connect and control your oscilloscopes through the cloud.
  • Export results in only three clicks to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for documentation or further analysis.
  • Visualize multiple types of instrument measurements simultaneously.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

PathWave Vector Signal Analysis

Keysight's 89600 VSA software supports proprietary signals analysis plus more than 75 signal standards and modulation types, including 5G, IoT, WiFi, radar, satellite, and more.

Minimize signal complexity by customizing your measurement displays to show multiple views of your signal at the same time. Available for Infiniium oscilloscopes.

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