Compliance Test Software covered under the PCI Express Validation License Suite
  • D9040PCIC - PCI Express Electrical Performance Validation and Compliance Software
  • D9050PCIC - PCI Express 5.0 Transmitter Electrical Performance Validation and Compliance Software 
    • Supports Transmitter Testing under the PCIe® 6.0 BASE specification at 64, 32, 16, 8, 5, and 2.5 GT/s
    • PCIe 6.0 BASE TX measurements3 including SNDR4, RLM4, uncorrelated TJ, uncorrelated DJ, uncorrelated PWJ, pseudo package loss and other parameters defined in the PCI Express BASE specification
    • Four-level noise compensation available for PAM-4 SNDR and Jitter measurements
    • PCI 6.0 reference clock measurements as defined in the PCIe 6.0 BASE specification
    • Supports both real-time data capture as well as off-line analysis of previously captured waveforms.
    • Test setup wizard for ease-of-use
    • Pass/fail margin analysis
    • Support for both full-swing and low-power, half-swing devices
    • Supported on UXR Series real time oscilloscopes having a minimum bandwidth of 50 GHz for PCIe 6.0 BASE measurements




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