Core + all circuit Synthesis + Nonlinear circuit simulators, including frequency-domain Harmonic Balance (Harbec) and time-domain Transient (Cayenne) simulators. Useful for amplifier, mixer, oscillator and other nonlinear circuit designs.


The W5303B PathWave RF Synthesis Core, Synthesis, Circuit includes:

  • Core environment, linear simulator, schematic, layout, data display, MATLAB script
  • Harmonic Balance steady state and Transient/Convolution nonlinear circuit simulators
  • 12 RF circuit synthesis, e.g. lump/distributed/custom filters, matching, etc.

Core, all circuit Synthesis and Nonlinear frequency- and time-domain circuit simulators. Harmonic balance, nonlinear frequency-domain circuit simulation analyzes steady-state harmonic spectrum at any circuit node, IP3, compression, efficiency, conversion gain, phase noise, load pull contour, large-signal oscillator, amplifier, or mixer. Supports Keysight’s nonlinear X-parameters behavioral models. Transient time domain circuit simulatior includes convolution algorithms to use S-parameters and frequency-domain transmission-line models to analyze transient response of RF and high speed circuits.

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