Thermal Analysis in PEPro

Thermal Analysis in PEPro.

PathWave Design 2024 for Power Electronics

Keysight’s PathWave ADS 2024 software release continues the innovation that has made it the industry’s most trusted Power Electronics (PE) Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools. The PathWave ADS 2024 release for Power Electronics offers:

  • Thermal Analysis Board-Level: Analyze hot spots on your PCB via a graphical heat map
  • Thermal Analysis Schematic-Level: compute power losses and estimate junction temperatures on your schematic design


PathWave ADS 2024 for Power Electronics design includes new and enhanced features and capabilities including:

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ADS Power Electronics Board-Level Thermal

Board-level Thermal Analysis

Board-level thermal Analysis in PEPro enables you to:

  • Use the power electronics designer to simulate the thermal effects on the PCB
  • Identify hotspots before going into prototype
  • Visualize the heat distribution on the board using a heat map

Schematic-level Thermal Analysis

Schematic-level thermal Analysis in PEPro enables you to:

  • Use the power electronics designer to estimate junction temperatures
  • Calculate power losses on your switching devices
  • Export results from schematic to board level thermal analysis
ADS Power Electronics Schematic-Level Thermal
Double Data Rate Memory (DDR) – Keysight

Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Performance Test Bench

The new SMPS Performance Test Bench:

  • Enables designers to run a series of simulated tests, either in a schematic design environment for a schematic-only type simulation or in the PEPro environment for a post-layout type simulation which includes the layout parasitics
  • Offers a transient recovery test and efficiency test which enable designers to gain insight into the behavior of designs under various loading conditions

Power Electronics Model Builder (PEMB)

IGBT Model Extraction Now Available!


  • Enables the designer to build custom models for Si, SiC, and IGBT switching devices
  • Builds models directly from digitizing the IV and CV curves from the vendor datasheet 
  • Fits digitized data using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in the model creation process

Watch Building Your Own Switching Device Models in ADS for SMPS Design that was launched in ADS 2023.

Power Electronics Demo Videos

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Building Your Own Switching Device Models in ADS for SMPS Design

This video shows how to use the ADS Power Electronics Model Builder to create accurate custom characteristics in your device models when designing Switched-Mode Power Supplies.

Optimize Your Switched-Mode Power Supply Design

Learn how to use the PathWave ADS optimizer function to set a design goal and simulate multiple designs in a single simulation run.

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