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Accelerate AiP Design Integration

Case Studies

The pdf document is a case study for the accelerate AiP design integration solution from Keysight Technologies. This solution is designed for 5G mmWave spectrum deployment using antenna-in-package (AiP) technology, which reduces the size and cost of wireless systems and improves radio frequency (RF) performance. The solution consists of the Keysight M9384B VXG microwave signal generator, which can generate high output power and compensate for system loss, and the Keysight N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer, which can characterize mmWave signals with the industry's widest analysis bandwidth and deepest dynamic range. The solution also includes the PathWave signal generation and PathWave X-Series measurement applications software, which provide fast and accurate measurements for the latest waveforms and are easily scalable to meet future needs. The solution can help AiP designers to test the AiP with standard signals, such as 5G New Radio (NR) or satellite communications, and simulate real-world scenarios in over-the-air (OTA) testing. The solution helped TMYTEK, an AiP company, to achieve 20% faster design integration time, 30% faster time from prototype to commercialization, and higher measurement accuracy with better dynamic range and error vector magnitude (EVM). For more information, visit or To order the solution, contact your local Keysight sales representative or authorized distributor.


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