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Key Considerations for Continuous Test Automation

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Every company that relies on software is looking for new ways to increase the speed of delivery while also improving product quality. As a result, software development and quality assurance (QA) teams are under immense pressure to accelerate release cycles for each major update and new feature.

Modern software frameworks rely on microservices. Consequently, testing across the entire system has become demonstrably complex. A single application can have thousands of user journeys. When you multiply that by the number of browsers, devices, and operating systems, you quickly have a mountain of test cases that would take months to get through.

As a result, QA teams are often blamed for being the bottleneck in many organizations.

Backlogs of test cases need refactoring for regression testing, and testing must cover the impact of new code or features. Enhancements such as these increase the project’s scope but with little to no added resources. Simply put, there’s so much to test and not enough time.

Implementing continuous testing within the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) pipeline helps QA teams quickly identify defects. QA can also notify project teams of the test status for prioritization and resolution. 


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