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Enterprise Application Testing with Cloud-Based Device Farms

Solution Briefs

The flyer explains how Keysight's Eggplant test automation solution can help enterprises test their mobile applications on various devices hosted in cloud-based device farms. Cloud-based device farms are software-as-a-service platforms that provide access to thousands of real devices for testing purposes. They eliminate the need for maintaining a centralized test lab and offer flexibility and scalability for testing apps on different operating systems, screen sizes, and orientations. The flyer describes how Eggplant software can integrate with cloud-based device farms and leverage its visual, model-based, and AI-driven approach to testing. Eggplant software can test critical human actions, spot visual errors, test every possible end-to-end user journey, auto-generate test cases, and prioritize testing areas. The flyer also compares the advantages and disadvantages of using emulators, public devices, and private devices for testing. The flyer provides some questions to consider when choosing a cloud-based device farm and invites customers to contact Keysight's Eggplant team to learn more. The flyer showcases Keysight's leadership and innovation in test automation and cloud-based testing solutions. Customers can visit to learn more about Keysight's products and services.


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