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CySight and Keysight - Predictive AI Cyber and Network Intelligence

Solution Briefs

The Challenge

Traffic volumes in today’s network are growing exponentially and at the same time, the dynamic nature of software-defined architectures present dual challenges to capturing a full picture of all network packets and then storing and analyzing the data for security and performance analysis. Techniques such as traditional Netflow collection can be used to gather information using fewer resources, however, the granularity and detail of such approaches are insufficient for full visibility.

Integrated Cyber Security and Network Intelligence from Keysight and CySight

The integrated solution from CySight and Keysight eliminates blind spots offering unprecedented network visibility and defense in depth.

Keysight’s Visibility architecture connects across the entire customer network using TAPs, Virtual TAPs, Agents and Packet Brokers and converts raw network data to compact metadata. Using deep packet inspection and intelligence techniques, Keysight generates an enhanced version of Netflow called IxFlow. This IxFlow adds rich metadata fields necessary for effective cybersecurity and performance analysis.


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