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Complex Modulation Generation with Benchtop Function Generators

White Papers

Most wireless services today use a plethora of complex carrier modulation schemes. Improvements in modulation technologies and components, along with advances in error-correction codes, have pushed channel capacity close to fundamental limits.

Transmission strategies such as multiple-input / multiple-output (MIMO) antenna technology and the implementation of flexible multiple-access schemes in the time, frequency, and code domains have improved capacity and efficiency even more.

The introduction of advanced modulation technologies and signal bandwidths, which often come together, require a waveform generator that is up to the task. To be useful for many tests and operators, radio-frequency (RF) signal generators must have enough frequency range and performance to perform modulation for a given spectral quality target. Modern waveform / function generators can supply high-quality baseband and intermediate frequency (IF) signals, and even RF signals and may be available to designers, while maintaining their ability to generate other analog and digital signals out of reach of conventional RF generators.

This white paper explains how to use modern waveform / function generators to generate complex modulated signals


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