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Yahoo! Ensures Performance, Security, and Stability of Network Equipment and Cloud Infrastructure

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Keysight Technologies is a leading provider of network testing, visibility, and security solutions for enterprises and service providers. One of their products is BreakingPoint, a comprehensive network infrastructure performance testing solution that validates the scalability, performance, and functionality of physical and virtual networks. Another product is Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI), a program that provides updates every 2 weeks on the latest application protocols and malicious attacks found in enterprise, core, and mobile networks. One of their customers is Yahoo!, one of the world’s largest network and cloud infrastructures that supports millions of users throughout the world with fast and reliable commerce, communications, and social networking services. Yahoo!'s vision is to be the center of people’s online lives by delivering personally relevant, meaningful Internet experiences. Yahoo! faced several challenges, such as: Validating the performance, functionality, and capacity of their network and security products prior to purchase and deployment Understanding how high-performance, content-aware products will perform when faced with Yahoo!'s unique architecture and mix of application traffic and network conditions Establishing a standardized, deterministic, and vendor-neutral method for evaluating and certifying the resiliency of network and data center devices Simulating real application traffic and user load to produce a series of measurements of server farms on the other end of server load balancers Anticipating the real-world effects of malicious attacks and malformed packets They used BreakingPoint and ATI solutions to overcome these challenges, such as: Standardizing the validation of deep packet inspection (DPI)–based network and security products prior to purchase and deployment Recreating realistic Internet-scale network conditions to validate the performance and security of their network, data center, and application infrastructures Using the scientific BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™ to measure and compare the resiliency of different devices Generating a wide mix of applications, including video, instant message, web, and more, as well as live security attacks and load from millions of users Using protocol fuzzing capabilities and live security attacks to probe every possible weakness in their infrastructure They achieved significant results with BreakingPoint and ATI solutions, such as: Identifying otherwise unidentifiable vulnerabilities within their network Hardening their network and application infrastructure Protecting their global audience from harm To learn more about Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services, please visit or contact your local Keysight office. The complete list of contact information is available at:
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