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87421A/84722A Power Supply

Technical Overviews

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 87421A and 87422A power supplies are universal input, dc switching power supplies designed to provide the bias voltages needed to operate Keysight microwave system amplifiers.


These compact power supplies are ideal for integration into a system or for use on a benchtop.


The 2 meter dc bias cable permits the amplifier to be remotely located, allowing it to be placed out of the way or where space is not critical.


The 87421A is a 25 watt, ±12V dc power supply designed to power the Keysight 83006A, 83017A, 83018A, and 87415A microwave system amplifiers. A 2 meter cable is included for direct connection to the amplifier.


The 87422A is a 90 watt, ±15V dc power supply designed to power the Keysight 83020A microwave system power amplifier. One additional ±12V dc output is provided to power a preamp such as the 83006A or 83017A.


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