Wide Dynamic Range Multi-Channel Power Measurements

Application Notes

The traditional key requirements for RF power measurements for wireless chipset or power amplifier manufacturing are good repeatability, fast measurement speed, and high accuracy. Now, an emerging requirement is becoming increasingly important: obtaining a wide power measurement range, especially on the lower power level. This new requirement is due to the emergence of chipsets designed to handle a wider power range to support higher data throughput and wider coverage area.

In this application note, we illustrate the typical power measurement test setup for wireless chipset or power amplifier manufacturing and explain the recommended sensor’s settings base on different signal formats. These setups will help you achieve the fastest measurement speed, and most accurate power measurement over the widest power range. The paper concludes with the key features and benefits offered by the Keysight Technologies, Inc. U2040 and U/L2050/60 X-Series USB/LAN wide dynamic range power sensors, which have the world’s widest dynamic range of 96 dB. The X-Series power sensors delivers the speed, accuracy, and wide power range that you need to ramp up and maximize your manufacturing throughput.


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