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M9393A PXIe Performance Vector Signal Analyzer

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M9393A PXIe Performance

Vector Signal Analyzer

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Acquire the performance edge in PXI

Whether your system supports a leading-edge design or a legacy platform, change is certain. Modular solutions are highly adaptable, and Keysight Technologies, Inc. is taking flexibility farther with the M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyzer. The M9393A is the realization of our microwave measurement expertise in modular form. It integrates core signal-analysis capabilities with hardware speed and accuracy, enabling you to tailor your solution to fit specific needs – today and tomorrow. Deploy the M9393A and acquire the performance edge in PXI.

Validate the true performance of your device

The M9393A meets stringent system requirements with microwave performance previously unseen in modular. Quickly test to tighter tolerances with best-in-class switching speed and amplitude accuracy.

Get consistent, accurate results faster with optimized software elements

The M9393A leverages Keysight’s trusted measurement science, providing proven, familiar software applications that minimize development time and reduce risk.

X-Series measurement applications: Verify signal compliance with standards-based measurements for LTE, WLAN and more, while simplifying software migration through deep programmatic compatibility with Keysight benchtop signal analyzers.

89600 VSA software: Characterize signals across the entire frequency range with new high-speed stepped spectrum capability along with existing software support for > 75 signal formats and multi-channel analysis.

Ensure success at microwave frequencies today and tomorrow

Easily adapt to changing test needs with license key upgradable options and hardware designed for extensibility. Rely on unmatched supportability based on Keysight’s N7800A calibration and adjustment software for TME self-maintainers and Keysight’s standard 3-year warranty.


  •  Aerospace and defense manufacturing and depot test
  •  Wireless device design validation and manufacturing

Product description

The M9393A PXI performance VSA is a vector signal analyzer with frequency coverage up to 50 GHz. The standard configuration provides frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 8.4, 14, 18 or 27 GHz and includes four individual PXI modules — M9214A digitizer, M9308A synthesizer, M9365A downconverter and M9300A frequency reference. The extended frequency configuration can be used to provide frequency coverage from 3.6 to 50 GHz with the recommended addition of the M9169E switchable attenuator module. For more information on product options and configurations, see the configuration guide, literature number 5991-4580EN.

Reference solutions

Application specific reference solutions, a combination of recommended hardware, software, and measurement expertise, provide the essential components of a test system. The following reference solutions include the M9393A PXI VSA as a hardware component.

  •  RF PA/FEM characterization and test, Reference Solution for the industry’s fastest envelope tracking test, rapid waveform download, tight synchronization, automated calibration and digital pre-distortion. For more information, see
  •  LTE/LTE-A multi-channel test, Reference Solution for faster insight into carrier aggregation and spatial multiplexing designs. For more information, see
  •  Satellite Signal Monitoring, Reference Solution for monitoring large blocks of spectrum and efficient validation of signal integrity. For more information, see

Technical Specifications and Characteristics

Definitions for specifications

Temperatures referred to in this document are defined as follows:

  •  Full temperature range = Individual module temperature of 15 to 75 °C, as reported by the module, and environment temperature of 0 to 55 °C.
  •  Controlled temperature range = Individual module temperature of 36 to 50 °C, as reported by the module, and environment temperature of 20 to 30 °C.


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